Different Ideas for Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

After a grand wedding, all will agree that the most interesting part of the wedding is the gifts that you receive from the guests. The excitement soon starts to go down when it comes to writing thank you cards. In this article we will talk about some handy tips that will make writing photo wedding thank you cards fun.

Personalization is the key to making fabulous thank you cards. First of all you can begin with browsing the online stores for the cards of your choice. There are many options available to you when it comes to selecting the theme, layout or background color of the cards. Once you have finalized on the designs, upload the photo of your choice and you are ready to send these off to the guests.

Secondly have your wedding photographer take some shots of you and your spouse holding thank you sign boards so that it becomes easier for you to print them onto your thank you cards. Another great idea would be to have the photographers take photo of you and the guests at their table so that each guest feels special.

The more personal your thank you cards are the more they will stay in the minds of the guests. Magnets these days are gaining a lot of popularity since they can be placed on shelves, drawers, refrigerators and leave the guests with nostalgic feelings about your wedding. You can even add different borders or frames to the thank you cards.

Thank you cards will definitely not be complete without any words or appreciation from your side. The wordings for your photo wedding thank you cards need to be kept accurate and to the point. The cards should reflect the theme or style of your wedding. Ensure that the notes inside the thank you cards are handwritten and not fill in the blanks or in pre printed format.

Many might wonder who should exactly write the thank you notes. These cards can be written by both the bride and the groom. A better idea would be to share the task since the gifts were offered for both of you. You can even take the assistance of your relatives or friends if your guest list is too long. Once the task of writing the thank you cards with photo is over, you can treat yourselves to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Different gifts demand different messages to be written onto the cards. In case of monetary gifts ensure that you acknowledge the amount received and how well you plan to use it in buying new furniture, cupboards or anything specific. You might also not want to forget the guests who sent the gifts but could not make it to your wedding.

In short we can conclude that photo wedding thank you cards are a great way to strengthen the bonds with your near and dear ones. These cards must be sent at least 3 – 4 weeks after your wedding since this is considered an appropriate etiquette.

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