MagMod MagSphere – Transform Your On-Camera Flash Into An Omni-Directional Light Source

Price: $49.95
(as of Jul 07,2020 19:43:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description

magmod magsphere light diffusermagmod magsphere light diffuser

Transform your on-camera flash into a beautiful, omni-directional flash diffuser with the MagSphere, designed for use with the MagMod flash modifier system. The soft, diffused light is flattering, saves your battery power and it has an integrated gel slot allowing you to color correct your flash. The two neodymium rare-earth magnets allow it to quickly attach to a separately available MagGrip, as well as other modifiers, such as a MagGrid, for more control over your light. Additionally, it is made from molded silicone rubber for a sleek, simple design for unmatched durability. No flash diffuser has ever been this awesome!

MagSphere Diffuses Light Beautifully

magmod magsphere flash diffuser

magmod magsphere flash diffuser

magmod magsphere flash diffuser

magmod magsphere flash diffuser

magmod magsphere flash diffuser

magmod magsphere flash diffuser


Instantly transform the harsh light of your flash into a soft, omni-directional, bare-bulb light source.


Increases the size of your light-emitting surface by over 250% for a softer glow over a bigger area.


Lose less than one stop of light, versus 2-4x times the amount of light loss from other modifiers.

magmod magsphere

magmod magsphere

magmod magsphere

magmod magsphere

magmod magsphere

magmod magsphere


Made from a solid piece of durable rubber, the MagSphere folds to fit in any bag. When you’re ready to use it, it pops back into its original form.


The MagSphere is so versatile that you can use it as a main light or a bounce modifier. When aimed at the ceilings or walls, it efficiently projects fill light and round catchlights in eyes.


The MagSphere lets you multitask like a boss. It even has an integrated gel slot so you can balance color while you diffuse light. You’re also free to combine it with other MagMod modifiers for endless creative possibilities.

magmod magsphere flash diffusermagmod magsphere flash diffuser

magmod magsphere flash modifiermagmod magsphere flash modifier

Made With MagSphere

Used on it’s own or combined with the rest of our MagMod modifiers and gels, MagSphere creates soft, omni-directional light with beautiful fall off.

Hiram Trillo | Shot With: MagSphere

MagMod Flash ModifiersMagMod Flash Modifiers

The MagMod Mission

We make photography fast, easy, and awesome by making tools that get out of the way of being more creative. We believe photographers can better improve their craft when technology is no longer a mental barrier to feeling, seeing, and expressing. Photography comes from the heart, and behind every magical photograph is a perfect symphony where art and technology become one.

Provides Soft, Diffused Light
Omni-Directional Light Throw
Durable Silicone
Integrated Gel Slot
Product Requires The MagGrip

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